5th International Caparica Conference in Antibiotic Resistance 2022

05th – 08th September 2022 | Caparica | Portugal

Shotgun Presentations

Inès Hugonneau-Beaufet, PhD Student

Affiliation: INSERM (France)

Title: Tuning of antibiotic efficacy by the adaptation of peptidoglycan metabolism to growth in biofilm.

Isma Benmazouz, PhD Student

Affiliation: Animal Husbandry Doctoral School, University of Debrecen (Hungary)

Title: Occurrence of ESBL producing Enterobacterales in Hooded crows (Corvus cornix) in urban and rural areas of Hungary.

Kinga Burdach, PhD Student

Affiliation: University of Warsaw (Poland)

Title: Can lipo-oligoureas be the antibiotics?

María del Camino González Machado, PhD Student

Affiliation: University of León (Spain)

Title: Salmonella Typhimurium adaptation to peracetic acid is associated with modifications in antibiotic susceptibility and the resistance proteome.

N. Shivasharanappa, PhD Student

Affiliation: National Institute for Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (India)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Susana Serrano, PhD Student

Affiliation: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Portugal)

Title: Safety evaluation of putative probiotic bacteria isolated from Portuguese traditional cheeses.

XXX, PhD Student


Title: Avaliable soon.