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Teaching and Learning

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WMUx's Teaching & Learning teams exist to support the teaching, learning and educational development needs of the university.

Working together, Instructional Design & Development, Instructional Technology, and the Office of Faculty Development collaborate with departments, programs, and individuals across campus to identify the pedagogical and technological needs of those involved in creating learning experiences. We offer a multitude of ways for instructors to get the help they need from our teams鈥攊ncluding time-saving resources, informative events, learning communities, customized one-on-one support, and much more. By actively responding to the constantly changing landscape of higher education, WMUx Teaching & Learning propels our mission to 鈥渋magine, design, and realize ideas that transform and enhance the learning experience鈥 forward.

  • Instructional Design & Development

    The instructional design and development team partners with individual instructors, departments, and groups to apply evidence-based practices in the design and development of learner-centered educational experiences across all modalities.

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  • Instructional Technology

    Navigate Elearning more efficiently with helpful articles and videos, get accessibility support, connect with our Instructional Technology Center, and explore the many video production opportunities Media Services provides.

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  • Office of Faculty Development

    Explore rewarding programs to elevate your professional development, apply for project and travel grants, and celebrate your fellow WMU faculty who have received awards and honors.

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    University Instructional Supports

    Whether you need resources for in-class research or project creation activities, support for accessing or updating course materials, technology support, or ways to support students, you'll find plenty of options to explore with the wide network of additional support at WMU.

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    Getting started with AI

    We've developed a Quick Start AI Guide to help you understand the basics of Generative AI tools, set your course syllabus statement and policies, understand AI ethics and bias concerns, and practice prompting exercises so you can make informed choices on whether or not to use AI in your classroom.

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    Rubrics reduce grading time and provide a clear framework for assessment while also increasing transparency and consistency. Check out Rubrics 101 article to explore templates, review the basics, learn useful techniques, and determine which of three styles鈥攈olistic, analytic, single-point鈥攎ay suit your needs.

  • Accessibility support

    Creating equitable educational experiences for every student goes beyond advocacy and academics鈥攊t鈥檚 also a legal requirement. Ensure that all students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in your courses by developing accessible content, incorporating easy-to-implement methods, and understanding why accessibility is so important.

WMUx Teaching & Learning Leadership Team

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    Jason Glass

    Associate Vice President for Teaching and Learning


  • Photo of Alyssa Moon

    Alyssa Moon

    Associate Director, Instructional Design and Development


  • Photo of Brian Carnell

    Brian Carnell

    Associate Director, Educational Technology


  • Photo of Gwen Tarbox

    Gwen Tarbox

    Director, Office of Faculty Development


Pillars Section

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    Faculty innovation is the lifeblood of our university. Have you ever thought, "wouldn't it be cool if..." but didn't know where to start? Collaborating with WMUx is the first step. We can help you discover how to put your ideas into practice and uncover new opportunities along the way.

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    Do you wish you could seamlessly integrate technology into your course? Do you wonder what in-class activities would best support your learning objectives? Are you curious about new strategies focused on learner engagement and motivation? We can help you turn challenges into opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

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    WMUx turns "what if" into reality. From customized one-on-one course design consultations to time-saving resources designed specifically for instructors and much more, our experts provide comprehensive support to help transform your ideas, plans, and goals into action鈥攅very step of the way.