Funding Sources

The first step in securing funding is to identify the right sponsor and opportunity for a particular project. Funding is available internally and externally. External support for WMU faculty, staff, and student researchers is available from a number of agencies providing grants or contracts. Once a funding source has been identified, the Office of Research and Innovation can help with听proposal development听and submission. Contact a听research program officer听early in the process for assistance.

Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding

Discovery Acceleration Workshops

Find External Funding

The university subscribes to GrantForward, where all WMU faculty and staff may create an account, save searches and set flags to receive newly posted funding in selected areas.

Other Recommend External Database Searches

  • 鈥擯rovides a common website for federal agencies to post discretionary funding opportunities and for grantees to find and apply to them.
  • 鈥擫isting of National Health Institute current requests for applications.
  • 鈥擫isting of National Science Foundation funding opportunities arranged by research area.
  • 鈥擴.S. Department of听

Other Funding Information

Sponsors offer some opportunities that do not have specific deadlines or have rolling deadlines though multiple years. See the list.


Limited Submissions

Funding agencies often limit the number of proposals an institution is allowed to submit to a particular program. The Office of Research and Innovation highlights current limited submission opportunities on infoready.听 听

Limited听submission听opportunities听that ORI is aware of will be posted on听听.听 When at the site look for the category "ORI: Limited Submission", click on the "Title" to submit a Letter of Intent (this is for internal purposes only and consists of a听brief project description along with your听contact information). ORI will request white papers if the number of LOI's听exceeds the number of proposals a sponsor will allow. Emails will be sent to notify individuals if they should proceed with their proposals or if a white paper is required.听White papers will be reviewed by a panel听to determine which proposals will move forward to the sponsor.

Funding for WMU student researchers

Student funding