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Empowering Futures Scholarships

Tuition, fees, housing鈥攊t all adds up. And for some, the gaps can be the deciding factor in earning a college degree or not. In the spirit of our motto, "So all may learn," the Empowering Futures Gift sponsors several scholarships for students in need, with particular focus on those who are first-generation college students or identify as part of a historically marginalized community.听

Bronco Promise

The Bronco Promise offers free tuition and fees for up to five years for Michigan residents in need, defined by eligibility criteria below. Students can receive the award in the fall and spring semesters only for 12-15 credit hours.

There is no application required for this scholarship, but the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed by July 1. The award will be renewed each academic year if students continue to demonstrate financial need via the FAFSA and are making听Satisfactory Academic Progress听(厂础笔).

  • Eligibility
    • Full-time, incoming first-year students and students who have previously received the Bronco Promise award.
    • Residents of Michigan as determined upon admission.
    • Have a household Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $50,000 or less and household net assets under $50,000.
    • Complete the 2024-25听听产测 July 1.
    • Participate in WMU鈥檚 financial literacy training.听

    If a student was awarded and paid the scholarship after their first-year entry semester but does not meet the qualifications for the award in a subsequent year, they may file an appeal for reinstatement. Appeals will be considered for:

    • Adjusted Gross Income or net income increases.
      • If a student/family鈥檚 income and assets on the current year鈥檚 FAFSA are not reflective of their current income or assets they are encouraged to meet with a Financial Services Specialist in the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss the possibility of pursuing an Adjustment of Family Contribution appeal.听 听 听听
    • A lapse in continuous enrollment.
      • Students who have received the Bronco Promise in previous terms but temporarily left the University may request reinstatement by emailing the Office of Student Financial Aid at听finaid-scholarship@wmich.edu.
    • Unsatisfactory Academic Progress
        • If students are in Unsatisfactory Academic Progress status, they must submit an SAP Appeal with the financial aid office by the required deadline for the award to be applied.

    No appeals will be considered for students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits hours per semester, changes in residency status, an award in a summer session or additional semesters of eligibility beyond the 10 semesters allotted.听

  • Frequently asked questions

    What does the Bronco Promise cover?

    The Bronco Promise covers WMU resident (in-state) tuition and can be applied to up to 15 credit hours each semester. It also covers differential tuition as well as the assessment and sustainability fees. Awards may be applied to fall and spring semesters only.

    Class fees such as those for instructional resources, laboratories, field trips or industry specialists as well as fees for participating in Lee Honors College are not included in the program. Students will be responsible for tuition costs associated with enrolling in over 15 credits per semester.

    What do I need to do to maintain eligibility once I enroll?

    Students may receive the award for up to 10 consecutive semesters, for fall and spring only. For the duration of enrollment, participants must complete the FAFSA each year and maintain a family household AGI of $50,000 or less and net assets under $50,000. Students must accept all federal and state need-based scholarships and grants鈥攂ut not loans鈥攆or which they are eligible. They must also accept any offered听admissions scholarships听and location-based scholarships, such as the Kalamazoo Promise, as well as听WMU鈥檚 employee tuition benefits program, if they are eligible.

    The program begins in the fall term of the year of admittance. To maintain eligibility, participants must be enrolled full time in the fall and spring semester for up to five consecutive years until graduation and remain in听satisfactory academic progress.

  • Additional details

    The Bronco Promise is a last-dollar scholarship, meaning it will cover tuition and fees not otherwise covered by听the Pell grant; admissions-based awards; tuition-specific awards, both institutional and external awards; and tuition-specific state of Michigan awards.

    Admissions-based awards at WMU include:
    Director's Scholarship
    President鈥檚 Academic Excellence Scholarship
    Books for Broncos
    Brown and Gold Scholarship
    Bronco Honors Scholarship
    Bronco Merit Scholarship
    Bronco Recognition Scholarship
    Detroit Promise Scholarship
    WMU Foundation Scholarship
    Grand Rapids Challenge Scholarship
    WMU Incentive Scholarship
    Seita Scholarship
    Medallion Scholarship
    MLK GOLD Scholarship
    Michigan Youth Scholarship

    Tuition-specific institutional awards include:
    WMU tuition remission
    3+1 WMU FIRST Scholarship
    Athletics tuition scholarships
    Anthropology Armintrout Scholarship
    College of Education & Human Development Bolte Hopkins Scholarship
    Communication Culture & Com. SA Award
    College of Education & Human Development ELATE Scholarship
    Geography TRC Award Scholarship
    Statistics Hearron Scholarship
    College of Education & Human Development Howard & Mary Pendell Scholarship
    College of Education & Human Development John & Bertha Goodman Scholarship
    College of Education & Human Development Margaret Isobel Black Scholarship
    College of Fine Arts Monsour/Shubeck Scholarship
    Chemistry Nanojar Scholarship
    College of Education & Human Development Persistence Scholarship
    Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Imaging Robert Caine Student Award
    Accountancy Rozelle Scholarship
    Geosciences Shirley Aiken Scholarship

    Tuition-specific external awards include:
    Heyl Nursing Scholarship
    Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship

    Tuition Specific State of Michigan Aid include:
    Children of Veterans Tuition Grant
    Fostering Futures Scholarship
    Michigan Achievement Scholarship
    Michigan Competitive Scholarship
    Michigan Indian Tuition
    Tuition Incentive Program
    Police Officer鈥檚 and Fire Fighter鈥檚 Survivor Tuition Grant

    Please note, these lists may not be exhaustive and are subject to change.

Student quote

  • For anyone who's intimidated by the college experience of going to a brand new place with no one they really know, Bronco Connect is a great opportunity. Not only are you placed in this community with other people who are experiencing the same thing, but the resident assistants and learning community assistants are also very supportive.

    Juliana Smith, computer science major

Bronco Connect Scholarship

We want to make the full 六合彩开奖数据 experience possible for you, including finding a community to navigate this journey with you. The Bronco Connect Scholarship reduces housing and food costs for qualified students for their first year on campus; eligible students may apply for a second year. Recipients will live in the听Bronco Connect Living Learning Community, specially designed to provide students a strong start to college by creating belonging and providing enhanced career exploration, community engagement, study skills and campus life.

The Bronco Connect Scholarship is valued at $6,000 per year with an opportunity to apply for a second year.

  • Eligibility
    • Be a first-year student or member of the Year 1 cohort going into your sophomore year.

    • Be a听Michigan resident. Preference will be given to:

      • Kalamazoo Public Schools graduates.

      • Graduates from Detroit high schools that have a Detroit address.

      • Graduates from the听Grand Rapids high schools* listed below.

    • File the听听产测 April 28.

    • Have demonstrated financial need based on FAFSA.

    *Select Grand Rapids high schools

    C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy
    Grace Christian Academy
    Grand Rapids City High School
    Grand Rapids Learning Center
    Grand Rapids Montessori High School
    Grand Rapids Public Museum School
    Grand Rapids University Prep
    Innovation Central High School
    West Catholic High School
    West Michigan Aviation Academy
    Lake Michigan Academy
    Ottawa Hills High School
    Southeast Career Pathways
    Southwest Community Campus High School
    Union High School
    Grand Rapids Adventist Academy
    Grand Rapids Catholic Central High School
    Grand Rapids Christian High School
    Grand Rapids Covenant House Academy
    Hope Academy of West Michigan
    NorthPointe Christian High School
    NexTech High School
    Plymouth Christian High School
    Sacred Heart Academy High School
    Wellspring Preparatory High School
  • Application

    To take advantage of this rare opportunity only 六合彩开奖数据 offers, apply in ScholarshipUniverse for the Bronco Connect Scholarship, which requires short answers (250 words maximum) to two questions. The application is due by听April 28; decisions will be announced in听April and May.

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Tenacity Award

The University will award 800 graduation scholarships up to $1,000 each year to upper-level students in need of funds to complete their degree. These funds are awarded in Student Financial Aid, and there is no application necessary.