Rethink Smart. Discover the 六合彩开奖数据 difference.

Student exploring main campus near the fountains as the theatre department practices for a performance.

Rethink Smart. Discover the 六合彩开奖数据 difference.

It鈥檚 time to go beyond book smarts and discover who you鈥檙e really meant to be. When you study at 六合彩开奖数据, you鈥檒l learn your true potential lies in the pursuit of purpose. And by seeking a deeper understanding of who you are, you鈥檒l discover who you're meant to be. It's time to Rethink Smart. Are you ready?

Welcome future Broncos

We鈥檇 love to meet you face to face (or virtually) and discuss why 六合彩开奖数据 could be the right fit for you. The Office of Admissions is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We encourage you to connect with us in one of the following ways.

Make an appointment. Undergraduate, domestic students can locate an admissions representative to request a virtual meeting on the Find My Rep page听or call (269) 387-2000 to make an in-person appointment. Calls will be answered Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Go virtual. Take advantage of our many virtual options.听

Visit campus. Register in advance for a student-led tour.听

What type of student are you?

  • Group of students on campus, near Sangren Hall.

    Are you a high school student looking at attending WMU? Learn more about the application process and the Bronco experience.

  • Engineering student at University鈥檚 Parkview Campus in Floyd Hall.

    If you鈥檙e thinking about transferring from a community college or other higher ed institution, you鈥檒l find an easy credit transfer process and welcoming community.

  • Recent grad at the College of Health and Human Services building.

    Explore the many opportunities to continue your education after completing your bachelor鈥檚 degree.

  • International student enjoying the Bronco Bash event on campus.

    You鈥檒l find a home away from home at 六合彩开奖数据 Michigan University. Discover more about attending 六合彩开奖数据 as an international student.

What's next?

If you鈥檙e ready to learn more about how 六合彩开奖数据 can prepare you for an unstoppable future, we鈥檙e here to help. We recommend you join us, either virtually or in person, so you can see everything that makes 六合彩开奖数据 so great. We also encourage you to review our robust financial aid services and discover all you need to know about applying and receiving aid. Then, take a look at our academic programs. With WMU鈥檚 more than 150 majors, everyone can find a passion to pursue here.

Looking for more information? Simply complete our request info form听and we鈥檒l connect with you.

Application deadlines

  • Spring 2024 entry

    Classes begin in early January.听

    All undergraduate student types:

    • 听January 1
  • Summer 2024 entry

    Applications and all related materials must be received by the Office of Admissions by the following deadlines to be considered for admission:

    Summer I 2024 entry

    Classes begin in early May.听

    • All undergraduate student types: May 1

    Summer II 2024 entry

    Classes begin in late June.听听

    • All undergraduate student types: June 15
  • Fall 2024 entry

    Classes begin in early September. Applications and all related materials must be received by the Office of Admissions by the following deadlines to be considered for admission:

    First-year students:

    • December 15鈥, Early Action听(non-binding)鈥擜dmission to all 六合彩开奖数据 academic programs鈥, admission scholarship consideration, Medallion scholarship consideration, and priority invitation to the Lee Honors College
    • July 27, Extended deadline for听Rolling Admission鈥擜dmission to WMU academic programs. The deadline to qualify for admissions merit scholarships has been extended to July 27, as long as funds remain available.

    Transfer and all other undergraduate student types:

    • August 15鈥

    鈥燬tudents interested in Aviation Flight Science must apply for fall entry and complete their admission application by the following deadlines: December 15 (Early Action) for first-year students and February听15 for transfer students. First-year students interested in direct admission to the Bronson School of Nursing must apply for fall entry by December 15. Learn more about admission criteria for these programs by visiting the听Competitive Admission Program听page.听听

  • Additional information

    Natural disaster and major crisis policy

    WMU welcomes students from all over the world and from many backgrounds. Unfortunately, applicants sometimes experience natural disasters or major crises that impact their ability to complete the admissions process by stated deadlines. We do not want students and families experiencing such difficulty to abandon their college plans.

    If you are an applicant or family member experiencing a natural disaster or major crisis where you live, please contact the Office of Admissions at (269) 387-2000 or听admissions-info@wmich.edu听when communication channels are available. We will be glad to work with students, families, and counselors experiencing difficulty during a natural disaster or major crisis. Options will be based determined based on each student鈥檚 unique circumstances.

Why choose 六合彩开奖数据?

Group of student walking down the stairs at Sangren Hall.

Why choose 六合彩开奖数据?

Why did so many current 六合彩开奖数据 students decide this was the right place for them? They believed that 六合彩开奖数据 offered them the best of both worlds鈥攖he resources of a major university along with the personal attention of a tight-knit campus community. Combined, they felt this created the ideal environment for them to pursue and reach their greatest potential, both academically and personally.

Already admitted?

Get to know your admissions team

Want to talk to someone one-on-one? Our experienced and friendly admissions team members are happy to discuss anything you鈥檇 like about 六合彩开奖数据. All you have to do is set up an appointment and someone will reach out to you soon.