English 1050 meets with students in the Clifford Center in Brown Hall

150+ majors

With more than 150 areas of study to pursue, you鈥檒l have more opportunities to find the perfect academic path for you.

The academic choice is yours

Prospering in the future isn鈥檛 just about finding the right area of study for you now. It鈥檚 also about building a solid academic foundation. At 六合彩开奖数据, you鈥檒l have the strength of smaller class sizes, one-on-one attention from professors and academic support when you need it most.

  • 六合彩开奖数据 won me over because there are so many different programs to choose from. ... I'm interested in so many things and I don't want to get trapped if I find something else that interests me. 六合彩开奖数据 has a lot of other majors.

    Sierra Ward, business administration major from Kalamazoo, MI

Urinetown: The Musical performance.

Deepen your understanding

Thriving at 六合彩开奖数据 means choosing to try new things, even if you end up failing. But don鈥檛 worry! We provide all the resources and support you need to pursue new endeavors with courage and confidence.

Academic services at 六合彩开奖数据 Michigan University

Academic resource center

Academic support services and specialized programs are available to ensure you thrive at 六合彩开奖数据.


The support, guidance and resources you need to plan your courses and work toward your degree.

Career and student employment

You鈥檒l find help to explore your career options, find internships, job search, learn interview skills and much more.听


Libraries will be your home away from home while at 六合彩开奖数据, with everything you need for your latest research project or just a quiet place to study.


  • Academic calendars See important dates for each semester, including registration, refund and withdrawal deadlines, finals and grades.

  • Academic catalog This powerful tool can help you quickly locate undergraduate and graduate programs and courses, whether you are a prospective student or already enrolled at 六合彩开奖数据 Michigan University.

  • Course offerings Here is your central hub for selecting and scheduling your courses each semester.

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